Are you light reflecting off rock?
Or fatal attraction?
Orbits in tidal lock?

Disaster already happened?
Am I what you thought?
Do you count subtraction?
Is love really lost?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

For those inquiring, it is a pink crystal, with energetic healing properties. Specifically, a rose quartz. I have various stones and crystals I use for meditation. What do you do to center?

I write about the light alot. But that’s what we really are, star stuff. Some of us collapsing inwards, stealing the gravity of others, until turning into a black hole, and eating any hope or light that is left. And, out of contempt, any other light that gets near. How dare we disturb its darkness, with our piercing, blinding light. Truth hurts.

Oh, I need you. Don’t kill the light. Can’t breathe. Sun = light = oxygen & iron= Life.

In the dark. Spiraling out of control. Orbit’s unstable. Earthquakes are mood swings. Core is splitting in two.

Watching planet blue, hello

Where are you? I am sitting on the Moon. Where, where are you? I am missing, I am missing you

You don’t love me? You never loved me?


*dies in street*

I was just an atom briefly popping into existence. Like your love?

*vanishes from history*

Are you the light? Or the darkness I’m living through?

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