Christmas is Canceled (poetry)

I blame the world
For all my problems
Every single one

But I’m responsible
For what I’ve done
Every circumstance
The Devil spun

Drawing blanks
Loaded gun
Eyes clearly focused
Though in the sun

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

If I cut the cord, I’ll never be the same

In hindsight, it’s what I want, but not this way

An opportunity, to fix mistake

To save oneself

But at the cost of another…

So who is really being saved

Have you seen that zombie film with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

He couldn’t fix his mistake either

Prolonged the suffering…

It’s one of his best films next to Terminator. Highly underrated.

Cuz it’s all emotion.

That ending scene…

He couldn’t do the one thing she asked her dad.


Being vague, because I don’t want to spoil the details.

No one cares about that film but me

Currently I’m going through a situation in where I don’t wanna do what I probably clearly outta

And my only outlet of expression is a poem to a private blog

*laughs insanely*

The isolation is starting to drown me

And you know what they say about a drowning man


It really is better served cold and calculated

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