I live for God now (poetry in 8 words)

Tender mercy
Sharpening knives
Overwhelming worry
Ending lives

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I apparently don’t believe in abortion or euthanasia.

“Thou shall not kill” hits differently for Angel Baby.

Non stop worry and crying followed by a dopamine boost of milk, cinnamon and sugar… left before my free refill, welp… (and left crying lol) (also learned I’m not into normal things)

The little mutt may be a Frankenstein made in a lab, but he has a soul and a heartbeat, and I’m not getting in the way of God or his plans and whatnot.

So I have a hellhound in this timeline. He hates it here (this location) as much as John Jones hates that cave.

Hear, hear

The crows were never here the prior four years.

Neither was BlackRock – who took control of this building

I need out the city

The Titanic is sinking overrun with racism and murder of white folk by Black Lives Matter but white lives don’t

Check the census. It’s not just how people are reporting stupid.

“So you don’t believe in interracial marriage”

You can marry who you want but I don’t want to live in a predominantly black neighborhood ever again…

I’m autistic angelic

I curse and say “autistic”

I’m gonna get committed

The enemy is in a white coat and White House

My mama think I got a “dirty mouth”

Over and out…

To those still lurking, thank you. Maybe one day, a night bloom.

Hell is freezing waters. Heaven has daughters.

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