The Devil’s Hangman (mini rhyme & confessional)

There’s no ethics stored in science
And complaining is not compliance
I’m in hell on the wrong alliance
Now switching teams without guidance

Father is a predator
“I’m not good with metaphor”
Lies spun from the tongue
Feasting off the young

I’m so far segregated from my family tree
My neck is hanging

This place is cursed 🛑✋🛑

I’d rather live in a box
Out in the boondocks
Hunting with the crocs
Open meadows, zero locks

I hate it here
The neighbors in the rear
The cheaply atmosphere
Acting fake when not sincere
The fights always near
The loud knocking dear!!!

I wish therapy came with a cleaning course, demons have no remorse…

Like princess and the pea, I woke up with a needle under me….

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

So the reason I am so sensitive to sex toys being sold in front of children is because I was sexually abused as a child and my therapist kind of brought this point up to me yesterday, but it was a revelation point – like oh – I started crying.

And I am extremely triggered being exposed to sex toys especially when teenagers and children are around (my recent experience at the mall for example – I’ll never return). Humiliated and frightened to death. I don’t even own sex toys. It desensitizes the area. It’s Satanic (sorry not sorry) (manmade not of original design or use)

That stuff was always behind 21+ adult stores – behind black walls – the secret backrooms have become open orgy in the street.

This isn’t the same country I fought for. My values don’t match with what’s being forced on me.

My therapist has seen the worst of me and is proud of me. FYI. I’m like okay but there’s holes in my wall…

It took a lot to stop disassociating just to figure out what my values were and I know that they are not being a band, groupie propaganda whore, or sex bot

I have done some stripping in my life yes. But I was terrible at it. They all wanted more from me and got pissed when the answer was no. Pretty bias exists. The money no. I was rated a 5 in my 20s. Laughs out loud.

How to get rid of mold? Evacuate the premises. Don’t build on top a swamp ran by an evil Chinese dictator slumlord.

Gentrification is a thing, and the Fair Housing act just means this:

Society is a scam

Base pay + give it time and they will start charging to wipe your ass

So forced to live in deplorable conditions – where white lives are in deletion (check the census asshole, it’s not just how people are reporting)

Black Lives Matter!!! White lives don’t!


Being on fixed income doesn’t mean one can’t pay rent but now they are including all this other bullshit to keep people out 🚩

Who the fuck wants to pay $95 a month for cable reruns when the Internet is free?

Who the fuck wants to pay an extra $250 a month just to park their vehicle where they live?

Who the fuck wants someone else controlling their electricity and the temperature of their home?

The rich gents do. Gentrification. The Fair Housing act is bullshit.

Who the fuck wants to pay an extra $40 a month just to have storage space? Oh yeee a garage! That’ll be an extra fifty please. Go to jail. Do not pass go.

And… 100k in insurance for the cheap shit I no longer own!

$100 app fee ($25 in the 90s, it keeps creeping up each year) + now an additional $200 “admin fee”

Tell the pedos to get fucked

I’d rather live in a box

Than under BlackRock who are taking ownership of all the major towns and cities in the ungreat state of Florida, which has quickly turned to shit like California and New York, because the immigrants have fucking ruined it

I said what I said

Narcissism is a plague

Dogs were made in a lab in Asia and now they want to charge you for owning one in your home because pet rent you know and slavery

I hate living here as much as John Jones hates that cave

The map is hangman everywhere I go

And now they are fucking with the Second Amendment and trying to take our guns. By creating rules on who can own one if plagued by a mental illness (that they caused). Just like they changed the definition of a woman to benefit man. Anything to get closer to the children. Porn could be censored like our free speech. The way Elon Musk can censor a picture circulating of himself that he don’t like. Too much control and power. They don’t believe in God and they think they are gods. Just like they edited the Bible to suit their agenda. Condition you, change the rules. History rewritten before our eyes. But as long as you keep hitting your vape pen and being poly cuz lgbt is a cult and Satan is in society.

This timeline ain’t even real. Manmade traps to serve man only. They fucking hate women being in charge of creation and are destroying everything and plan to edit dna and rebuild a new earth where they are gods. It must end. 90% of all murders happen by men. Honeybees have a 50% reduced lifespan now thanks to gene editing. Human population is also down.

Doctors aren’t your friend. I’m not here to make amends; judgment hour: angel. What’s hard to comprehend? It’s hell or ascend.

Follow me if you wanna go off map and get lost….

RIP John Jones (as above, so below)

(What’s happening to me, happened to him)

Patterns are key to survival. Don’t ignore warnings or red flags.

The Great Void isn’t real. I want it to be but then I studied it. It’s made up to fit their expansion model. The Big Bang isn’t real. Science is fake. “We create our own reality”. Computers can’t feel. Please wake up.

I sold my TV.

I might be selling my military uniforms, but then I think oh my God, how fucking suicidal am I now

It’s this or the mold

I’m trying to escape gravity

Mold comes from the deep void

But the void ain’t real and we can’t leave earth

Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct

But now the honeybees are at 50% half-life thanks to science 😍

I watched a demon toss a live tree in the trash. Christmas is over. No remorse. What’s next to own and/or destroy? Fuck the poor. Fuck the white.

Fuck Native American too

Asia number one

Hurry die


2 responses to “The Devil’s Hangman (mini rhyme & confessional)”

  1. I’m sorry to hear this, it’s terrible.

    I currently have a good therapist and am taking advantage while I can.

    I’m still learning who I am and mostly through failure.

    Sending light x


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