Web of Shadows

The light cast a web of shadows and doubt
Losing time trying to figure it out
Forging through worry with rarely a shout
Aging like oak and bitter like stout
Hardened inside with lines showing drought
Incomplete circles with no love about
Roots growing weaker with every new route
Clinging to hate though loving devout
Feeling so lonely while lost in a crowd
Busting down rules where I’m not allowed
Wishing for once I hadn’t figured it out
The trouble with eyes they come with a mouth
The problem with fate it comes with a vow
I’d gift forgiveness but I don’t know how
I’d run today but I am still bound
You’d look away but you’re still around
Looking in others what we already found
Feeling uneasy but knowing not what to do now

© Delia Ross. 2019

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