Bridges To Forgiveness

If bridges were steps to forgiveness, I’d collect every tear you drop-
Pave the road with hope, and the love we brought.

If gardens grew trust, it’d be a golden crop-
And every bit of fruit we share, a taste of love we sought.

If distance was a rainbow, for your hug I’d hop-
For every moment I exist, you are in my thought.

© Delia Ross. 2020

Picked up a new mask for the cosplay from my patron support (I am not in costume here but this is me)! It’ll be used in upcoming shoots! I’ll be making more photography / digiart that you may use for your own projects! It will be loaded into my campaign as exclusive content! Thanks so much! 💞

Cliffnote: Still apologizing to my love (and enemies) for uprooting his existence and shining my light on his darkness that he’s pulling and sucking every bit of light from me, until you won’t be able to distinguish the light from the dark as we become one, our words embedded with time.

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