If only reason would pour itself over me the way your rains will do
The way your skies are blue
Calling me for a flight or two
I love you

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

I can’t get him to block me back no matter what I do. I don’t purposely seek out rubble, it’s just sometimes a huge chunk breaks off me like a boulder and starts rolling down and crushing anyone in his path. And as I’m tumbling down the hole of despair, he’s still there. Picking up all the little pebbles and tucking them right into his heart.

So yeah, I found another way to scream I’M DROWNING, while in a spiral downward. I clawed him all the way down, too. Landed right back by his side in pieces.

I’m staring up from down below. Wondering how many times I have to start again. As his rope begins to descend. Was that not my end?

This is why poetry exists. Edgar Allan Poe lost the love of his life and literally died in the street and I have some of his previously, unpublished words he wrote for her tattooed on my ribcage.

Edgar Allan Poe and the words he wrote his true love after she died. And then he died. In the fucking street. Naked!!! At only age 40! 😭
Older photo of my Edgar Poe tat when it was healing “My love is lying” me too Poe!! But in a different way!! “I must weep alone” same same!!! 😭

So what does all this mean?

I’m having difficulty living without him and don’t want to die in the street?

I’d like more tats. They were getting super strict about tattoos in the military. But now that I’m out, I can work on getting some visible tattoos once the Jeep is paid off (on my last 2 payments). Everything cost the moneys I don’t have. Join my Patreon! πŸ™

I need better photos of my Edgar Allan Poe tattoo and I also want to get some flowers around my hip and the poem.

Me no likey pains. Me wants pleasures. Take away me pain.

Real body, real person, real scars. I don’t want to remove my sex organs for plastic. Get over it. I’ve made it to age 42 without a single gray hair. ACCOMPLISHMENT. CHECKMATE. (someone has requested for me to get on the onlyfans but if you don’t mind the fact that I have a real body, I’m going to be starting a new nude cosplay tier on my Patreon 2021 (potentially). I’m not a model. I’m just yer average gal in a petite body trying to do extraordinary things. I have done’s. (I’ve had many guys body-shame me over the years for not having fake boobs or fake tans, nails, and hair for that matter). I guess I’m supposed to be this bombshell pornstar 24/7 which is not what I am at all. They weren’t even good lovers. Let alone decent human beings. If I could do my twenties over, I would spend it making less mistakes with man. So now Ima do me for my final decade (and I’d be hella lucky to make it to 50 at the rate my body and mind is disintegrating). Thanks for seeing me and appreciating me while I’m alive.
I’ve never gone pink or bleached my fine silks. Trying to keep my hair growing after I die… I don’t know how Gavin Rossdale would respond if I showed up at a Bush show with pink hair, he already adores the fuck out of me coming to his shows. I get the VIP treatment whether I do VIP or not. 😊

I currently have 3 tats, 1 on my lower back (also another excruciating part of the body due to your nerve endings), ribcage (Poe tat) and upper chest (super easy in comparison to the back and rib). My Edgar Allan Poe tattoo is my largest (and that bad boy is on my ribcage). I’m going to be getting some new tattoos in 2021!!! I mean, like if I don’t die. Which is literally quite easy to do.

I’m starting to get request for the onlyfans. But I don’t want to do any kind of porn acts. I asked them if they’d still be willing or interested if I did classy nude cosplay sometimes with Vampire elements and they said yes and be willing to spend 15 to $20 on that so. That’s good. Good that I’m starting to get requests & price estimates. I even took a screenshot for my self-esteem (of the request). So thank you, because I really want to get into the cosplay and I need some support for that. Costumes, fangs, makeups, gear, equipment. FOOD. GAS to get places. They discovered my Insta! Hope the shadowban’s been lifted!!

I’m on theΒ Patreon, if you dig my writing and photography or digiart, there’s loads of EXCLUSIVE CONTENT up (including photography you can use for your own projects)! You get cool perks for pledging and I get to keep writing and running my blog advert free! I really like writing! I’ve been practicing my art since I was a little girl, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do it professionally and to keep writing and making art!Β 


10 thoughts on “Flight

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  1. Hey Poe, I wanna support your writing and creativity. But which is the best way to do it, is it Patreon or OnlyFans. Think I just want to give to a great creative spirit, if that makes sense πŸ™‚

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  2. It all depends on what you want as perks in return! Any penny goes right back into my art bucket (which is my soul essentially). But every penny helps me buy the supplies and equipment I need to be able to continue making art. My OnlyFans is 18+ but a more casual and relaxed environment. So far my focus has been nude photography, but I’m getting request for fang gif / video so that’s coming. My Patreon doesn’t have a nude tier yet and it will be more professional and artsy when the time comes. I’m still growing as an artist and it’s completely okay to switch platforms and tiers to grab all the perks! For instance, if someone wanted to join my spoken word tier on Patreon for one month, they would be able to get all of the spoken word I previously put out in that tier, plus all the rewards the lower tiers got. Then they could fall back to a lower tier for awhile, or jump platforms and grab the perks on my OnlyFans. Or, stay on both platforms! Any tier or platform is okay, I’m just grateful for the support! My goal is to put out content good enough that you want to stick around and not leave forever forever. But I’m okay with checking out my different campaigns and tiers! You will also need to consider your budget but that’s why for the most part I have a $1 tier on my Patreon, so that anyone could have access to my exclusive poetry there, as well as the photography and digiart that comes with your membership there. Some of my tiers costs higher because I need to earn money somewhere in order to buy the equipment and the supplies I need to make art and keep writing. So I’m grateful for the support on any platform and in any tier and feel free to move around to get all the goodies! I also accept donations and tips! It all goes towards my creativity! And I’m grateful to keep going at it! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


  3. Thank you Poe sooo much for replying so deeply – I think I just want to support your art and creativity however I can. I really do believe you can channel it and go far with it. I’ll figure out the best way to support you in that endeavor 😊😍

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  4. P.S I’m not looking for perks dear love, just to support you, if that makes sense. Anyway, your writing and art is the perk 😍😊

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  5. Whichever makes you the happiest! It’s meant to be an equal exchange for the most part. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to keep doing this! Feel free to explore around! ❀


  6. Well joining my campaigns is the best way to do that! Or just by making donations like some have done! It all goes into me making more art! So I’m grateful however it comes! Thank you for your interest! ❀


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