Pearl & Footsteps (double rhyming poetry)!

God gave me the best pearl
He’s wonderful
For him my wings unfurl
I’m his girl

It matters not how far I fall
He will catch them all
For I am his favorite doll
Over hell he would crawl

© Delia Ross. 2020

My love, truth can’t hide from your eyes
Roads to heaven’s skies
I hear your cries
Even your silence pries

You wish for roads to collide
I too abide
Wading rising tides
Footsteps in rhyme

I am the ultimate alibi
A secret in your sky
You are my high
I can’t deny

I’ve tried to lie, hide
Give the love to another guy
I can’t comply
I’d rather die

© Delia Ross. 2020

Tag you’re it!! 😍

Me no filter, worry lines, messy makeups, freckles, no bullshit. I smoke on the occasion. Should I buzz my side again?
Might go have a smoke now. Think I still got the same pack I found months ago in the freezer. The Army taught me to ration and I’ve been poor lmao. Finding an entire, near full pack of Newport menthol was definitely a sign from heaven. Or hell? 🤔

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