In The Mud

Look at you
Dragging me in the mud, the blood
The hell I put you through

Look at all the shit I do
And crying a flood
You’re stuck like glue

I got names but question who
Look at how you act a stud
Now every moment under review

Look at how we equal two
But I’m growing like a spud
So you spit and chew

ยฉ Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I don’t mind that I’m a bit dirty lol. To be fair, the potato is my favorite vegetable. I am a special spud growing in his existence. Am I the root of all evil? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†

Our garden of the damned?

*laughs insanely*

Damn, now I want some mashed potatoes. Or chips. Fries. Twiced baked. Salad. Soup. GIVEMAH!!

In other news, I live in an apartment complex that sounds like a war zone and I need to move. Anxieties.

I’ve been seriously busy planning a cool photoshoot so I hope things go according to plans. They rarely do! So I don’t want to give anything away yet. But, as things progress, you know, updates. I haz secrets!! ๐Ÿ˜

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7 responses to “In The Mud”

  1. Ha, a little while after I moved in here, I was like “Man, why are people suddenly slamming their doors REALLY REALLY hard?!?!?” because the chair I was sitting in was vibrating and things would rattle and such…turns out it was earthquakes!

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  2. I kind of cackled. I would be peeing myself but laughing. But, I try to not live near such hazards, so instead live with hurricanes. Extreme heat. Power outages for days. I don’t want to trade though. But this isn’t the best place to live for the end times. I need my own planet. Or, just some quiet time to write? But then the dog is barking or my cat is freaking out for having her bowl near empty. Like god dang chill. It’s not even 7 AM. I thought there was an actual emergency the way she meowed. Me and the dog jumped lol. And there’s always someone out here mowing or blowing. Or people yelling. Madness all around. We’re on a rock spinning around a ball of fire spinning around a ball of darkness – which according to the latest studies we are actually two thousand light-years closer to the black hole than we thought. Yay!!! And I have this really bad habit about reading NASA and science articles late at night and it scares the shit out of me. So does politics and the news. So. Welp. (I’m saving to buy my own plot of land soon- then underground shelters n things). That sounds cryptic. Not like a burial plot lmao. I really want my own garden and to start canning my food. People say I sound paranoid but I won’t be sharing my pickles with them. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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  3. Will you share your pickles with me? LOL Yep, I, too, want my own little place far from the “madding crowd”. And, man, people are relentless with their war against grass and leaves. It’s crazy. I always think, “who’s got that much time on their hands?” Even as tiring as it is to scoop cat poop, I, though, I really am glad for their company during this time. And I fared pretty well with hurricanes, but maybe because I was born and raised in Florida, so you kinda get nonchalant about them and, even perhaps a bit sadistically, think they are exciting.

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  4. I’m about as ditzy as they come because I get excited over the clouds. And I don’t know how to admire stuff quietly, I have to let the entire neighborhood know. And I am very skillful at bargaining, we would do that with our MRE’s during war. “Trade you my cheese for your grape aid”. “I’ll give you my peanut butter for your vegetarian spaghetti” . I probably have the cancer now… You couldn’t pay me to eat another MRE. Lived on them for months and months in the Iraqi desert. Sandstorms every other day. And I don’t have one pickle in the house! I really could go for one!! My dream is to pickle pickles. I got the boys lining up at my door. I have 1 cat. Just need 49 more…


  5. Ha ha, re: MREs LOl I get excited over stuff like that too, and people are like Uh, what? But I don’t think it sounds ditzy at alI! pretty much make my own food (but not grow it, yet) cook beans, make stir-fry veggies for burritos, red curry with noodles, rice and veggies stir fry…mostly stuff like that. And I’m always rescuing cats and dogs. I live in an apt with a limit to the cats you can have but someday…!

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