Absolute Zero (inside the mind of a poet)

Look at how you carve through precious stone-
You go from cherished to disowned!

If this is how you treat what you cherish-
Spear the love, see if it will perish?

Cherished muse-
You have 20 more to replace for every one you lose!

Let me tell you what you wish;
A face you really could cherish!

He can turn water into poison
You’ll never know you were chosen
He can turn truth into erosion
He’s got fire but it is frozen

Don’t call on him to have pity
You won’t find any in his city
Crossing wires like love is infinity
He is guilty

He’s not bold
He’d whimper and fold
He looks old
But that’s the price of cold?

It’s a balancing act
Trying to remain intact
After privacy is lacked
And seeing through any mask

How did all these years come to pass
Living hour by hour under glass
When did mere living come last
Crawling these circles full mask

How many roads of lies were paved
When did summer turn to grave
Too broken or damned to save
“Regret” on tomb engraved

She’s got everything hasn’t she?
She has his time, admiration, and money.
Still, she’s confused on who to be.
Meanwhile, I’m a fish out of water,
He doesn’t care if I die or breathe

I got iron steel regret
How heavy can it get?
I’ll find out yet
Weighing every bet

Pinching any nerve left
I’ll fail each and every test
I’m the very best at less
I’m the best at less!!!

I do terrible things
For love
In everything absent of –
I don’t rise above

If only disappointment were a page to turn
If dismay were a sunray
But I chew on bitterness
Bewildered from his poison seed

I pack worry in a suitcase
Toss my rainboots in a tree
Laced with lies received
It’s how I bleed

I sometimes think you are many faces
Filling spaces
Second bases
All these places

You assemble hope in tied up laces
Watching over me like the moon in phases
Carrying me over trouble through midnight races

Love is like the beginning and end

There will be no headstone
No grave
From life to dust
I’m not okay

Deny me love. I will appeal.

I’ve been berated
Words sophisticated
Now time is hated
Black holes where waited
Hours wasted
Love is not how it tasted
Love is not how it tasted

At 26,000 light-years away, it’s the closest we’ve ever been
And if regret is a singularity, it’s finally creeping in

Could fit all I am in a tiny box
Cheap, won’t cost a buck
Disposable and out of luck
And for me, he doesn’t give a fuck

Well thank you for leaving me where I didn’t want to be.

He’s been charged with possession of stolen property.

You can lead a comet through a narrow path
Treat darkness like an overpass

Lay down a red carpet full of glass
Ask the Sun if it’s okay to bask
Precious love is always last

You turn a word into a ton of weight
Can make a damaged heart dilate
Stop all of hope with an iron gate
And take holy love to desecrate

You can lead a comet through a narrow path
Make an angel take a dirty bath

I’ve seen the dead rise from the ink you spill
Not even god can escape the gravity of your will
You dig tunnels just for thrill
See how many you can kill

Come to me
By frothy sea
Shine your light
I fancy thee

Red shift, blue shift
I don’t give a shit

I’m so much better than that flock of shit you summon
Your mouth is the opposite direction I am running
Your lies only come by the dozen
You can knock but you can’t come in
The darkness covers all but it’s my coven
You ain’t welcome here again

I’m having trouble facing things
Or how the sorrow becomes permanent encasings
Though a bullet to the skull wouldn’t phase me
A daily crucifixion, the only life I’m facing

You’re cruel
Using me as your fuel
You’re not my tool

I drink from the carton
And I never show my enemy just how I’m hurtin’
I draw the curtain
And if you catch me taking a nap
Are you for certain?

I’m a rib from your side
A curse like Dracula’s bride
Or Bonnie and Clyde
I drink your love like cyanide
Mixed with hope and rhyme

Cut the cord yes I certainly did
Filled my home with darkness so thick I hid
Over valleys of crying I skid

Death and chaos is order
Loving him made me older
Even a glowing moon can’t comfort the way you smother
You’re a terrible lover
Always lying under cover
You don’t love her
You have only mind to wonder
Less a heart just feet with thunder
Get going you monster

Well, how much more dead can you get?

I don’t know what it’s like to be desired
If I had purpose it’s now expired
My wings expand but heart is tired
Tell me what in life is required?

Why does my love always cause destructive tidal waves?

Did you know mountains were resting on your shoulder named envy?
You let me crash on your soul in frenzy
I’m dizzy
Did you not need me?

Did you know moons were glowing with envy?
Heartache cost not a penny
But I got plenty
If you need any?

But left my heart to disassemble on its own
I left it rotting on your throne
Caring too much for desensitized bone
Lust your carried tomb
I’d rather be alone
Direction unknown

Got dressed up all like I had no where to goes-
But I did and I do, I have people to impose

There are parts of me that are dying
Fragile cells multiplying
Swamps forming from lying
Weeping willows heard crying

Edges of time his mind
I go missing every time
His rhyme
Holding me to crime
His line
Wishing on a dime

Sometimes, I climb into the ether where we met
Heaven is risky but I took the step
You feel like eternity in an instance
Gotta keep our distance

Every day there’s some new tragic fate with you.

Evolve or repeat.

Why hold on to something when all our sums have failed
Why give me any hope when there’s holes within my sails

I fell in love with a monster
Spying on ways he would watch her
Twisting and burning for answer
Changing moments to cancer

I can smell the lie on his tongue
I can see the tar clear in his lung
I know every direction he’s coming from
I know evil is where he sprung

I can see his shadow hanging low
Like a spider crawling slow
He’s not here to help you grow
A web of lust his afterglow

He brings you presents wrapped as lies
When dressed as shame he’ll change
To maintain charm he’ll risk goodbyes

God they’re all the same
Using lies to earn your trust
We’re just a game
You think you know their name
Then learn the truth now you’re to blame

God says I can’t save them all-
Focus on the stars, I know about the stars
So I’m on my knees, I wallow in these scars

God says, watch how the colors bleed-
How it’s flowing free
We’re only allowed pockets of energy

Stop serving good vibes to those deserving of goodbyes

If only there were a fence that lead me to your green pastures.
Or if love were the grandest gestures.

Would it cease our need of treasures?
And increase in heart our pleasures?

I’m hanging onto life with all I have left
And you I’m clinging to with every single breath

He grew obsessed after every loss
The thing he loved, became his cross
Still over mountains, he gave it all
And how he sweat, she never saw

From the top, to the bottom, to rising again
Deserted deserts, losing treasures, our feet have been
Over powered, over run, still fit to win
The trouble with hope, it burrows under your skin

How can heaven weigh this?
Are you not why heaven fell?

How many lies are you leading
The light receding
And was I ever in your field of needing?
How many lives proceeding

How wave after wave pummeled
Darkness fully tunneled

I don’t want to be known for the wars I fought –
Or the hate I taught

I don’t belong here
With the putrid
Though the dead more alive

I bit more than I can chew
I am stupid
Got the devil in my crew

I invited evil to dance
Then got muted
The devil in a trance

I see through mask like a pattern
Deeply rooted
Though in the dark he was my lantern

He has to be very careful
Of who, of what, of when, of why
Every step he makes is sterile
Of love, of care, of hope, or I

I am replaceable
A traveler straight to erasable
He is obsessed with her
And her and her
But me it’s always never

I can handle extreme pressure under fire
But put me in the cold and I will expire

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

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