The Great Void (poetry)

The Great Void
I’ve stood the edge
Gave humanity my hand
I have tried to help the damned
God has licked the wound where bled
And I stand near him unfledged

I peer the end
All nothingness
Not overjoyed
Not his to dress

I am the world
Though light is love
Taste amaroid
Like darkness tough

Fell through the rough
Found heaven’s grace
Have keys to gate
No name to face

I’ve stood the still
Frame by frame revealed
Lost my soul and will
Yet God is here….

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Coming full circle now ⭕️

We’re in God’s simulation. But we’re living inside the devil’s Matrix, it’s crumbling. Society is a cult. Guaranteed.

The Bible has been manipulated to worship false idols

God doesn’t want you to feel any shame

God wants you to win!

He already did!

Lu is dragging out his final moves! He knows he is through!

He’s a drowning man and wants to take you down with him!

Don’t comply!

Cast the devil out!

Tell him to leave your ship! Your words have power!!!!!

Wake up!!!!!

The Matrix has you!!!!

Knock knock!!!!

Stay in the light ⚡️🔆⚡️

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