Not The First

It’s not the best house but it’s definitely not the worst
And if you think I’m worthless well honey you’re not the first
And if you think I’m perfect well your bubble I’m here to burst
And if you blame obsession I know I’ve got the thirst

I may not be a diamond but I’m definitely not a curse
And if you’re wanting love well my heart left in a hearse
I might have said I loved you once or twice in verse
But if I stick around I’ll likely make it worse

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

Fallen Angel (self-portrait)
I know I don’t matter. You made that clear. I don’t base my worth on you or my sometimes mistakes. People grow, people change. At least, I do. You’re likely holding onto versions of me that no longer exist. I’ve said my sorries, I’ve made my peace.

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19 thoughts on “Not The First

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  1. It does have a bit of cadence to it. I miss leading marching formations and doing cadence. It slips out from time to time. But there aren’t any other lines for this, it was also written freestyle yesterday. I can only go so long without writing. Addicted. But for some reason people don’t like rhyming poetry that much anymore. Thanks for the feedback. I may do this as spoken word for my campaign. I haven’t decided yet. 😊

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  2. Careful with that. I once wrote something about muses. To me they’ve always been the driving force in my writing. Although I do get what you mean here and a, happy to both acknowledge and thank you for the influence

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  3. There’s an entire circle of bloggers who check out my poetry and I’ll write something specific and then it pops up in their poetry but I don’t even so much as get a thumbs-up or a like… So thank you for at least liking my stuffs. It’s appreciated very much!! 😊


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