Past relationships do not define me. Old versions of me died. Zero luggage. So much time wasted trying to find love.


Sailing straight towards his love... ❀


I had to drown the thing that was drowning me...


There's an entire universe in his gaze which heals my wounds and all...

Endless Love

Do you guys meditate? This is the equivalent of me sitting in a circle with stone and giving us a journey to travel on... Freshly written this morning, freestyle. It was meant to be a non-rhyme but oh well, a bit seeped out. I hope you like!!!

Made For You

I need him like Earth needs our Moon, my soul is in an eternal swoon.

Seeds of Love

Love starts with ourself but also with each other. We love with the same intensity that we make war. Let's plant more love.


It's better to love him from afar.


It's a blues song in my head. 😊 A poem about confliction and taking the right road when you don't know what road to take so you take them all instead, including the wrong ones, regrettably.

Made in Heaven (Movie Recommendation)

A movie recommendation of my favorite film since I was 10 years old.

Weeping Willow

She if often misunderstood for being a storm when she is simply a rainbow after one.

You’re Everything

Another melody from my head... No in between, you're everything

The End

I could face heaven or hell as long as it was with him.


He makes me high. FACT.

Love Is The Subject

The poem says perfection doesn't exist but my love for you does.

Tree of Life

Let's carve our names in our tree! πŸ™‚ A poem about togetherness and separation. And how badly I crave his garden. (If you're reading this, I love you if you didn't already know).

A Song For The Heart

A song I am writing on my guitar! An ode to our love. Or the love we never came to have. The love that perhaps exists in an alternative universe, where we are together. I love you forever. Now we have our song.


We were made for each other. Yin and yang.


The problem with being a fallen angel is sometimes you bite when you don't mean to. Sometimes we cast the wrong spell & summon the wrong demons inside us. (The truth is, I never want to hurt him. I just want to love him the way I was intended to love him).


I have small feet and her shoes are kinda big...


When you love someone you want the best for them. Whatever that may be. A poem about me getting lost, finding love, learning lessons, and freeing what isn't mine, with love. A poem within a poem within a dream.

Chemical Burn

His love will scorch you. Your heart might get burned.


Some edges are sharp, some ledges are steep. (Lyrics for a song that doesn't exist. I never know if I should share my songs but I've actually had people turn my poems into songs).


A poem describing Alexander Ebert because I've never met anyone with more love and he's teaching me how to love and be human. The message here is love.✌


I have enough love for his entire lifespan


I know not anything.

Give And Receive

An oath or promise or plea. A love poem. 😊

Lived and Learned

All the things I've done and want to do. Truth is, I only want you. A tragic poem which contains an ounce of hope. My life is a Shakespearean tragedy. 😊


Home is where the heart is


There it was, labeled to me - I, the addresseeTrying on lovers because revenge tasted sweetlyInserting the blade ever so neatly -Ensuring the heart was severed completely Burning through dreams like an oil field in the night Running out of fuel and the zest for a life Looking back but never having any foresight Dancing … Continue reading Karma


"my indecision is final". Sitting in a room with no door or windows with written equations everywhere and zero right answers. The odds are, he's the answer to all my problems.

Heart Failure

A poem about arriving too late for love; heart is dead.

Love Is

A poem about what love isn't


A POEM. About losing things you never win for placing wrong bets WITH PEOPLE and love.

Love Is Always On

Love like his should be criminalized...

Community Garden

A poem about the effects of smiling.

Tight Ropes

Nothing excites me more than you...

Fields of Gratitude

Dark hair brown-eyed boy get to know me There are fields of gratitude to plow The crown of my joy and topic of every story With you anything I'll allow Β© Delia Ross. 2019

Gold Rush

Words with rhythm & rhyme about devotion


A poem for Valentine's Day

Last Rites

A poem about love & loss & loving again. Love hurts...

My Son Part 3: Half of Her Life

The third and final part of my epic tragedy.

Grant me a Pardon

No matter what I do he's on my mind...

My Son Part 2: The Note Beneath His Pillow

WARNING: The following story contains explicit gore, imagery, & death. It is intended for an older audience. Though it is not age restricted, caution should be taken when reading, as it may cause triggers in some due to the sensitive context and subject matter. Proceed with caution.

Love Like Russian Roulette

His love is like Russian Roulette For all he's had and still not found love yet Under his reign I had many debts The lost and wounded are his favorite pet's Losing you won't give him any regrets He's already forgotten you I bet His love was like Russian Roulette It doesn't matter if they … Continue reading Love Like Russian Roulette

Kintsugi for the Soul

There's always been something about you, that when I look at you, my soul just glitters; Gold energy that seals my wounds and puts me on display, at shops in LA Kintsugi for the soul A broken soul with golden tear trails It must look like a lightning bug on a warm Summer's day Every … Continue reading Kintsugi for the Soul


The shore rises And as our dreams do Hopes are washed away inside us Awards instead of gifts as prizes Pills wrapped in silk disguises With this wave a bit of residue Likely he'll never get your point of view I'm sorry if I ever troubled you Give love a chance the universe advices We … Continue reading RESIDUE

You Are The Reason

You are the light at the end of a tunnel The Sun after a storm You are the reason I dream in color The reason my smile takes form Β© Delia Ross. 2019


OLD PHOTO, NEW POEM! 'DETAINED' by @poeeternal He makes me want to sin But it'd be heaven I contend The way his words move under my skin I'd fall for him again and again I once made my amend While feeling silence closing in If only there were more moments to spend Would he care … Continue reading DETAINED

Seconds to Love

He is not the bird in a cage He is not the burn, or the flame He is not the bird falling from the sky He has not the look of abandonment in his eye He is not doubt, he is not the plague He is not boredom nor is he rage There is a … Continue reading Seconds to Love

I want to get lost in you so that you may find me again and when you search for me in your soul, I'll be resting there I'm just going to have a little nap between your heartbeats (c) Delia Ross. 2013. All Rights Reserved.