I give a little still they need a lot
I swing for gold but miss my shot
I pull the thread, they tie the knot
I turn around then lose my spot

I bust through fears like it’s a door
I’m exposing things I haven’t before
I’ve been wandering for ages lost on his shore
And I’m terrified our country is headed for war

Many are choices yet few we can choose
And I wonder just really who could fit these shoes
And I gave him my word and he gave me the blues
And I gave him my heart now there’s nothing to lose

Been stumbling around and lost in a maze
And I’m choking on fumes that came from his blaze
Yet no matter how he hurts me the love always stays
Maybe I’m just broken and desperate for his praise

I hear so much chatter but there’s nothing people say
Yet ask them where they’re going they’ll get back another day
And I really give my all, that’s just the price we pay
It’s like we’re skipping first base and heading straight for the freeway!!

Sometimes I think a bridge is there for me to jump
And an ocean is a gully where all my hope has sunk
Sometimes I’m wise and knowing and other times I’m drunk
But mostly these days I rarely give a fuck

Patience is a virtue and some don’t know the drill
If silence is really golden, I am searching still
He is just a sleeping lion ready for the kill
And she is just a tool to help him seal the deal

© Delia Ross. 2020

LIVING DEAD GHOUL (GIRL), selfie, March 2020

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